As Athletic Director of the Texas Storm Track Club, I will do everything within my power to provide a coaching and training environment that is consistent with the following values:

It is my responsibility to participate in the continuous improvement of the quality of coaching and the quality of the training environment while holding others in the organization accountable for doing the same. Failure to adhere to these principles is not an option and therefore will result in an immediate suspension.

The Coaching Staff shall be committed to setting an example of leadership and aid in the development of healthy, caring attitudes. This attitude is expected to be shared by all members of the Texas Storm Track Club Coaching Staff. All coaches shall put the interest and welfare of the athletes before any other interest as it relates to the club‚Äôs activities, participation and safety of those athletes.¬

Nedra Alexander

Every member can expect: To be treated fairly and with respect, trust and dignity¬ To be shown they are appreciated¬ To be able to express their needs, opinions and ideas with a response within a reasonable time period¬ To have a safe and pleasant training area¬ To have face-to-face communication with the leadership¬ team of this organization¬ To do meaningful work for the Track Club¬ To be part of a Team of men and women who thrive on creativity, innovation, growth and development.


Nedra Alexander, Lead Coach

Youth Girls
Intermediate Girls
Young Women

Tracy Hutcherson, Head Coach

Youth Boys
Intermediate Boys
Young Men


Coaches Pledge

Be responsible for coordinating and managing all practices, track meet competitions, developmental strategies and special programs. The Head Coach shall develop these strategies with input from the Lead Coaches and Assistant Coaches; Set up and conduct mandatory meetings with the Lead Coaches every week after the first track meet is held; Set up and conduct mandatory meetings with the entire Coaching staff every two weeks after the first track meet; Be responsible for the technical development of the Lead and Assistant Coaches via one-on-one exchanges, literature, and/or clinics; Develop work-out routines for the club; Delegate specific responsibilities to Lead and Assistant Coaches; Rotate all Coaches as deemed necessary to maximize athlete output and to familiarize all Coaches with all facets of training; Represent the Club at track meets, unless designated to a Lead Coach; Encourage the certification of all Coaches in at least one area of specialty; and ¬ be responsible for all things concerning the everyday operations of the Track Club.

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